Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting some MOOC students in Paris

Last week I traveled to Paris for CHI 2013 to speak on a panel about online education.

I’m getting to do that a lot these days, and while the travel can be tiring, it’s certainly more fun when I get the chance to meet up with MOOC students face to face!

In a previous post I described my experience meeting up with two students in Singapore and Indonesia.  This time around I got to meet Julien Coupez (left) and Daniel Kindler (back, second from left) the evening I arrived in Paris.  We had a round of drinks near the Place de Clichy with my colleague Prof. Marti Hearst (right), an accomplished researcher in human-computer interaction and information sciences at Berkeley with whom I’m co-advising graduate research on learning in MOOCs.

It was fun to hear about how Julien’s “social bookmarking” startup NexBoo already uses some of the Agile techniques covered in CS 169.1x, while Daniel wanted to learn about software practices that are not widely used by his current employer (a large financial services company).

As always, connecting with colleagues around the world is a way of reminding myself that at some level we’re all playing on the same team.  Thanks to Daniel and Julien for making the time to get together, and for making this visit to one of my favorite cities even more enjoyable!

À bientôt, folks!

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