Friday, August 25, 2017

How to unfuck Mac OS X Calendar

I sync my OS X Calendar and my iPhone calendar to Google Calendar—that is, Google Calendar is the truth and the backup storage. Theoretically, via CalDAV any changes made to any of the three should eventually propagate to the others. This mostly works, but for some reason recently it hasn't worked reliably with Calendar—it's as if some update events from Google Calendar don't get downloaded properly, although changes I make in Calendar do seem to propagate reliably to Google.

Here is a script I wrote that I run periodically to fix this, based on a fix I found somewhere for when Calendar doesn't sync/import Google Calendar changes correctly even after forcing a refresh. I've saved this script as ~/bin/unfuck-ical (since iCal is the old name of the Calendar app). I'm considering it just running as a cron job, since this fuckage occurs pretty frequently now. Hope this helps someone else.

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